What We Do

Our Approach

Relevance is about being functionally, culturally and socially relevant to consumer needs.
Ease is about being the most physically and mentally available brand in your category.
Distinctiveness is about standing out in an immediately recognizable way.



At Collider, we don’t limit ourselves to the types of questions we can answer. Our clients have asked us everything from planning a global food strategy, to reclaiming their iconic status in culture, from cracking how to make their consumer experience easy and awesome, to identifying their next big growth opportunity.
  • Positioning (Brand/Product/Service)
  • Portfolio Architecture
  • R.E.D. Problem Detection & Brand Challenge
  • Cultural Trend Decoding
  • Brand Growth Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping


Not only do we help position brands, we create distinctive brands. We do this by closely collaborating with some of the most brilliant creative minds we know to bring brands to life in a unique, breakthrough, and memorable way.
  • New Brand Development (Design, Strategy, Positioning, Packaging, etc)
  • Distinctive Brand Asset Development
  • Creative Naming (Brand/Product/Services)
  • Graphic Design Services


Innovation is all about evolving and reinventing in a constantly changing world. We use our cultural intelligence and ideation savvy to open up untapped areas of growth.
  • Product and Service Innovation
  • Buzzy Activations for Social Relevance
  • Digital Experience Innovation