Brand Opportunity Social Media Mining

A tool to decode the associations consumers hold about your brand through social media and to mine for culture-led brand opportunities.

Keep Your Brand on the Pulse of Culture

Social media mining unlocks the power of analyzing observed behavior, rather than reported behavior, giving us deeper, harder hitting consumer insights. These System 1 insights are designed to educate, inspire, and ignite a deeper connection with your fans and help you unlock your brand’s unique role in culture.

Our Culture-Led Approach

Collider Lab’s data science team developed a complex algorithm that works by capturing hundreds of thousands of key terms and phrases on social media and filters them into clear patterns and brand opportunities.

What it Could do for Your Brand

The Brand Opportunity Social Media Mining Study keeps your brand on the pulse of how your people interact with your brand.

  1. We can help you ignite fan passions, start new brand rituals, capitalize on cultural opportunities, and stay ahead of category trends.
  2. By keeping your hand on the pulse of your consumer’s daily online behavior, you can have the clearest idea of who they are, how they interact with your brand, and what opportunities you can create to connect with them.

Where it’s Worked Before

Taco Bell Fan Cult Study

Taco Bell was looking for a fresh well of ideas, something to inspire thinking outside of the calendar. We created 7 unique spaces of social media data, specific to Taco Bell’s brand and fanbase, and ideated ways for it to ignite the brand & fan passion hot spots to make a splash in culture.