Our methodologies are designed to understand why people do and
think what they do

Scientists have learned more about the human mind in the past decade than in all of human history. One of the most groundbreaking discoveries comes from the psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Daniel Kahneman.

In his book, Thinking Fast and Slow, Dr. Kahneman brilliantly shows how the human mind has two basic systems of thinking. System 1 is fast, automatic and emotionally-driven, while System 2 is slow, deliberate and rationally-driven.

Research has revealed that 95% of our decisions are based on emotional, System 1 thinking. However, most clients use marketing research that is based on rational, System 2 thinking that asks consumers to logically explain their decisions (which can be outright misleading).

Our System 1 Research tools are intentionally designed to get around a consumer’s rational, System 2 mind and dig into a consumer’s System 1 mind and real behavior to unearth and validate ideas.

Our tools were developed with top academics, and include:

Predictive Markets Concept Evaluator

Developed with the father of Predictive Markets, Dr. Forrest Nelson, this tool leverages the wisdom of the crowd by having them invest in ideas with fictitious money. This negates many of the ingoing biases they may have and has been proven to be more accurate than traditional research methodologies. 

Subconscious Metaphor Study

Respondents are exposed to a concept and asked to choose images that represent the concept, which unearth subconscious emotions. A series of writing and projective exercises help us get at the true meaning of the concept.

Deep Projective Exploratory Study

To understand the deep-seated meaning of a product, category, or brand, we conduct in-depth interviews using a variety of unconventional projective exercises tailored for each project. This approach is extremely efficient at getting to the heart of the brand's challenges and opportunities.