We started Collider to help brands tap into the powerful marketing force of culture


We believe great communications, revolutionary innovation and a healthy brand all start at the same place: a clear understanding of your brand’s role in culture today. Once you’re able to understand that — and as an organization, embrace it — the rest becomes a lot less complicated.

Through years of trial and error, we’ve fine-tuned a process that helps brands understand their role in culture and how that creates a meaningful and differentiated brand in the marketplace. Our heavily-collaborative process ensures that, in the end, you not only have a motivating and succinct brand or product idea, but that you have internal, passionate supporters and advocates that will carry the torch within your company and bring the brand mission to life everyday.


All of our projects involve a variety of tools and approaches that lead to unearthing game-changing insights.

cultural decoding 

Using a mixture of primary research and trend analysis, our cultural anthropologists and strategists decode the category and unearth what really makes it tick in culture today. 

trend mining 

We unearth the the most salient and inspiring trends in the category. These trends—far from obvious, but bigger than niche—act as seeds that have the potential to grow into healthy and culturally relevant positionings. 

guided, collaborative sessions with the client

Nothing is as powerful as collaboration—quick, inspiring and guided sessions are at the heart of what we do. We are experts at pushing for exciting, clear thinking and unique ideas. 

system 1 / subconscious qual and quant

Based in the latest discoveries in human decision making, our research has a single-minded goal: to understand why people do and think what they do. Many of our tools were created with the help of leading academics in the field. Learn more >

collaboration with top academics

Unexpected solutions often come from unexpected places. On nearly every project, we work with top academics throughout the country…social psychologists, anthropologist
and even primatologists (yes, monkey doctors) that are actively doing groundbreaking research.